What is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant?

There are different kinds of dental assistants. For example, there are COAs or Certified Orthopedic Assistants. Another type is the EFDA, or Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. The difference between a regular dental assistant and an expanded function dental assistant is the level of responsibility involved.

For example, a regular dental assistant may not be permitted to serve chairside during dental surgeries, where an EFDA would assist the dentist during these procedures. Any time you advance your education and/or skill set you improve your job possibilities.

An expanded functions assistant in a dental office will be responsible for duties related to restorative surgery, dentistry treatment, cleanings, tooth repair, orthodontics and more.

While the dentist may perform the procedure, the EFDA is his or her right hand, and performs many of the same duties as a dental hygienist.

For example, as an expanded functions dental assistant you might help the dentist and/or hygienist prepare crowns, bridges, the removal of oral stitches, the application of fluoride treatments and more. Your exact duties will depend on where you work and what is required as part of your job duties.

If you have decided that you want to be an expanded function dental assistant you will need to get a degree in this field from a college that is accredited by the American Dental Association or ADA. You will probably need previous credits as a dental assistant or experience in the field to build on.

The EFDA program takes two years on average to complete, and requires internships which provide on the job training. As a student of this career field you will learn new skills, like the detailed work of finishing and placing restorations and other dental items.

You will find that the demand for qualified individuals to fill the Expanded Functions Dental Assistant job is steadily increasing. Not only are there more people in the world, there are more people who want clean, healthy teeth.

There are so many different places you can work as an EFDA. For example you could work at a dentist's office, school, dental clinic, hospital or other facility.

The job market and pay rate is very attractive for dental professionals now and in the future, so if you are considering a new career, think about becoming one of these specialized dental assistants.

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