An Overview of Dental Assistant Training

One of the most sought after jobs in the world of dentistry is that of dental assistant. The pay is good and you are not required to go to school as long as a dental hygienist. Dental assistant training usually consists of courses and on the job training that lasts up to two years but can sometimes last less than one year.

Different states have different requirements for dental assistants and their educational requirements. If you want to become certified, education at an accredited institution is necessary before you will be permitted to take the national certification exam.

There are dental assistant schools that are especially designed for the purpose of training assistants and sometimes hygienists for new careers.

If you are looking at a specialty school like this, make sure they are accredited and that the education you receive does allow you to take the certification exam.

While not required, certification ups your job chances and even how much money you could be offered.

Dental assistant school will usually be a combination of both classroom and laboratory work where you learn job techniques. Internships at dental offices are also a possibility because there you can work with real assistants and dentists and observe them on the job.

If dental assisting school is unavailable in your area or you find the facility you were considering is not properly accredited, there are programs at vocational schools and community colleges to prepare you for a career as a dental assistant.

While these courses are taken at a college or school that offers other career courses also, you get the benefits of attending a recognized higher education institution. The things you will learn are just the same as what dental assisting school would teach you. Dental assistants perform a wide variety of tasks and much of the learning is done after you've been hired.

While dental assistant schooling is absolutely imperative when it comes to entering this career field, dental assistant training usually takes place most effectively after you've started a paying job. Every dentist's office is different, therefore they may have a certain way of doing things.

You will learn the ropes as you go about your daily duties and gain valuable real-world experience. Eventually, you may decide to further your education and become a hygienist or even a dentist.

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