How to Become a Dental Assistant Instructor

If you want a career in the dental field, one that may come to mind is dental assistant. You may actually be an assistant now, and looking for a way to advance your career to the next level. Or, maybe you are new to the field altogether. Either way, a career as a dental assistant instructor is something to consider and well suited for certain types of people.

There are two and four year colleges – some of them online – that have instructor programs in this field. If you do choose a distance learning institution make sure they are accredited for what you want to do.

You might decide to attend traditional college, which is another good way to earn your credentials for becoming this type of instructor. Review the higher education institutions near you to see which ones have appropriate courses.

Before you choose an educational facility, talk to the staff at your favorite schools and ask plenty of questions. Find out how classes work, how tuition is paid, and how long your studies are going to take based on the program you are interested in.

Often visiting several schools can help you easily come to a decision as to which one is best for you. If you need financial aid, there are loans, grants, payment plans and sometimes even scholarships available for students in need.

As mentioned earlier, some instructors have previous experience as dental assistants. While this is not required it really does help to have the background. This way, you have direct and personal experience with the concepts you are teaching your students.

You will learn more in instructor school, no doubt about it, but if you have spent time in a dental office as an assistant you bring real world experience to your students that can help them succeed.

The requirements for being a dental assistant instructor are certainly not as rigorous as those necessary to become a schoolteacher. But, you will need to attend a specialized educational program that is especially for this job.

The skills and information you will be teaching are so specific it is mandatory that your education and training as an instructor are the same. While some of the classes may be difficult, or you may at first feel nervous in the instructor role, this is a career worth going after.

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