What Do You Need for Dental Assistant Certification?

One of the most promising careers now and in the future is that of dental assistant. If you earn your dental assistant certification, your job possibilities will be even bigger. A CDA, or Certified Dental Assistant, is upheld to strict national criteria and qualified to do their job anywhere in the country.

There may also be state license exams required – some states require these and others do not. Before you even approach the CDA Exam, you need to get the right education and training.

First check your state's requirements for school accreditation. Once you know the rules and specifications your state requires, you can start looking for an educational institution.

This can even be a distance learning school like the University of Phoenix, for example, but there will be hands on training required.

No matter what school you attend to become a dental assistant, you will need to train either in a simulated dentist's office or a real one to gain real world experience.

Dental assistants perform all kinds of job duties. They might manage the office, schedule appointments for their supervising dentist, help with X-rays and molds, collect patient data, prepare dental equipment and rooms and so much more. You are always busy when working as a dental assistant, which many people like as opposed to being bored.

The dental assistant programs range from under one year to two or more years depending on your state, the educational facility you choose, whether you attend part time or full time and various other factors.

The thing that appeals to many students, whether they are right out of school or quite older is the short duration of the course. This is a course that working adults with families can take in their spare time. Of course the less you are actually in school, the longer your program will take to complete.

After you have graduated from dental assistant school, it is time to take your exams. Take any state exams that are required, then move on to the national exam. DANB, or the Dental Assisting National Board, oversees this certification exam and is recognized in more than 30 states.

Designation as a CDA gives both your employer and your patients confidence in your job skills. To keep your dental assistant certification you may need to take periodic re-exams and gain continuing education credits.

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