Become a Dental Assistant in Two Years or Less

Did you know that it is possible to become a dental assistant in two years or less? It's an absolute fact, some of the longest dental assisting program choices out there are two year programs, but many are 18 months, a year or even less.

It all depends on the complexity of the course you are taking, where you are taking it and whether you are a full time student or a part time student. Part time students will of course take longer to complete their education than students who attend on a full time basis.

So you may be wondering why people become dental assistant workers, rather than being hygienists or dentists.

Well, it's quite simple. The dental assistant goes through a great deal less education and training but still earns a good salary and often gets a benefits package.

And, the need for dental assistants is growing fast. While a dental hygienist might make $30 per hour on average, $15 for an assistant job still isn't bad.

The process is simple when it comes to how to become a dental assistant. After choosing an ADA accredited school, you will want to enroll and acquire any financial aid required.

There are schools that have scholarships, loans, payment plans and even grants for needy students. Find a program that works with your schedule, especially if you are already working and/or have a family to care for. The only thing left to do is complete the program successfully.

Any good dental assistant program will be a combination of classroom work and hands on training. Thanks to the Internet, some of the classroom work can be done online, in a virtual classroom.

There are assignments and even tests that can be taken online if you are enrolled in an accredited distance learning program. However there are requirements even with these programs where you have to work in a dental setting to gain the practical experience necessary to perform your job duties.

You may be required in your state to take an exam before you can become a dental assistant. This is a state exam to become licensed, and quite different from the certified dental assistant national exam.

As a CDA or Certified Dental Assistant, you may find more job opportunities and even earn a higher wage with this credential on your resume. The national dental board in charge of this exam requires continuing education credits for re-certification each year.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for a dental assistant to further his or her career.

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